Riccardo was born in Taranto, with seemingly, a singular aspiration:
To relentlessly search for that elusive and precious, yet infinitely
gratifying union that is born between horse and rider. He was aided in this
difficult task by a mother, who although not a part of the equestrian world,
played a key role in helping him reach this goal.
Riccardo Carapia

In 1982 Riccardo met Marcia Parronchi. She too would play an important role
in shaping his future by converting him to the glorious discipline of
dressage, after a past dedicated to show jumping and cross country.
His talents didn't delay in coming to light, giving him his first
commendable results in competitions at national level.

In 1987 he was selected for a place in the italian federation's national
team and moved to Germany. Here he attended a three year training course at
Guenther Festerling's yard and gained his title of "Bereiter."

Riccardo's stay in Germany, which was supposed to finish at the end of his
training course, was instead extended to almost eight years.
During this time he worked alongside some of the most important names in
dressage: Eugen Schaedler, Guenther Festerling, Thomas Schmitz, Holger
Muenstermann, Ulla Salzgeber and Martin Schaudt.

Consequently many winnings and placings were accomplished, from elementary
level to Grand Prix dressage, with his own horses but also with those from
the stables for which he worked.

After some serious health issues which regarded his spinal column, Riccardo
decided to return to Italy to concentrate on teaching, subsequently taking
Tuscan dressage to the top of the national rankings.
In 1987 his alliance with the "Centro Ippico Toscano", one of the most respected riding schools in Italy, was born and to
this day, his team is still trained there.

And so, after a long break from competitive riding Riccardo took the
decision, against his doctor's advice, to return to competitive dressage.
In 2004 he acquired an excellent horse directly from Martin Schaudt and was
unexpectedly invited to take a place and compete as part of Schaudt's team.
Thus he was included in a training programme that, still at present, takes
him to Germany once a month.

In 2005, their first competitive season, Riccardo and his horse secure their
first placings in categories M and D at national level. And it's only the
start for this impressive partnership....

Over the twenty years in which he has lived in close contact with stables,
studfarms and professionals from Germany - the undisputed leader in
international dressage - Riccardo gradually started to realise he possessed
a rare talent: The ability to single out, even from only a brief glimpse,
horses that would go on to become future stars.

A talent that would then confirm itself in full, bringing us horses such as:
Marquis, Wildfang, LeHavre, Extreme, Rainbow 98, Pluto Borka and Dentano.
From here the desire to create a small but exclusive collection of horses
with the Carapia seal of approval.
As we all know: There is a right horse for every rider...