CDIJ/Y/P 1st - 3rd May, La Mandria, Turin

The scales balanced nicely for Team Carapia, at the international show in Turin last weekend.

In the junior category, Charlotte Lindsten was placed fourth with EscobarII receiving scores of 64,054%.

Again an excellent result on the Saturday for Charlotte in the individual class with a score of 65,263%, and being placed third.

Concluding her weekend of competition with a fantastic result of second place in the CDI FEI FREESTYLE JUNIOR with percentage of 69,500%.

The two Carapia team members in the national classes, Annalisa Puosi and Dagmar Richter, both approached their competition with the upmost conecentration and professionalism.

In the M100 Annalisa, riding Diva266, was placed fourth with a percentage of 65,778%.

Dagmar received the ribbons for sixth place, riding 'Rende-vous' scoring 64,889%.

Then in the M200 Annalisa won the class with 65,566% and Dagmar third place with 63,300%.

Congratulations to all the competitors-Well done girls!