4th - 5Th April Olgiata -CDN B Team Italia Dressage tour

The second national show of the season. Team Carapia this time represented by only Annalisa Puosi with her horse 'Diva 266'

With the weather being a little uncertain and inconsistent, it really characterised this weekend, between a short burst of sunshine and a storm, it was difficult to concentrate, however the horse and rider managed still obtained a good result.

Arriving in third place on the Saturday in the B100 with 66.00% even with an error in the medium canter to collected canter transition.

On the Sunday Annalisa went in to the class rather unsettled, after fall with her horse in the collecting ring. Fortunately without consequence, but due to unlevel ground.

In this class they still managed to claim fifth place in he M200 with 63.22%

A comment from Annalisa in the heat of the moment was:
"I have a horse of unimaginable quality, today I realised that it is not me that riding, but Diva doing a better job than me to gain these places this weekend!"

A special thanks goes to trainer Riccardo Carapia, who, even though having a fever, helped and taught his pupil throughout the three days in Rome.