2009 Seasons debut competition outing- ROME- at Equestrian Centre
Equiconfor- 7/8th March

Team Carapia were out for the seasons first show last weekend at Cerveteri, Rome. (Taking place at Equestrian centre Equiconfor) The Carapia students Dario Cacialli, Annalisa Puosi, Chiara Biliotti and Charlotte Lindsten debutted this promising season with excellent results.

Annalisa con 'Diva266' won on the Saturday in the M100 with 66.430%, and second place in the Sunday with 66.780%.

Dario riding 'Rainbow98' was placed fourth on the Saturday in the FEI Competition Test Young Riders whit 64,380% and on the Sunday in the Prix St George, after an excellent start to the competition, and after the collected walk, Rainbow lost concentration and 'spooked' a few times and comprimised his chances of any further placings.

The two juniors however, reassured the teams sucess in the FEI junior team competition. Having worked hard all winter, their results showed their dedication.

Charlotte winning both her classes with Escobar11 with 68.190% Saturday and 68.468% Sunday.

Chiara was placed second in the category with 'What's Up' a short distance behind her team-mate with scores of 66.840% Saturday and 66.757% Sunday.

We have high hopes to continue the season like this!