Italian Technical and Freestyle Dressage Championship
8th - 11th October 2009

Held at the International Equestrian centre of the the horse, Druento.

It was here that the title for National Championship was given.

There was a good turnout of participants and as is usual for the show centre in Piedmont, a good show of spectators, who today had literally packed into the stands of the indoor arena.

Excellent results for Team Carapia, competing were riders Annalisa Puosi, Dagmar Richter and Lorena Loos.

» Annalisa and Diva 266 took home the Silver medal in the senior section 128.533% (classes M100 and M200). Also claiming the silver in the Senior Freestyle Kur (Level M) championships 2009 with percentage of 71.250%

» Dagmar with Rendez-vous came stixth in the M100 with 63.733% and well
deserved second place in the M200. The test were competed as 'Open classes' therefore not eligible for the Italian championship awards.

» Young Lorena and her attractive horse 'Beau Jolie' in their first
Italian championship, rode a test with a great balance between emotion
and talent. Being placed 8th in F105 with 60.194% and 9th in the F200
with 62.929%. Lorena also competed in Open classes, and was not
competing for the championship titles.