27/28 Settembre 2008 "Tuscan Dressage Championship"
At Golden Griffen Equestrian Centre- Riotorto

A fresh, but pleasant weekend at the end of September hosted the Tuscan Championship, for the second year consecutively held at the Golden Griffen Equestrian Centre. Knowing the centre left "Team Carapia" realxed and ready for the competition at the end of the first day.

Riccardos' team of riders didn't let the opportunity to take home a Gold, pass them by, in the two categories in which they competed, and the "Grand slam" in the Senior Level D, Saint George, Team Test Young riders with the three "Musketeers-of the dressage world"- Cacialli, Lindsten and Biliotti.

A truly memorable event- the first time in history, that in our region, that a competition with Level D was organised. With true sporting spirit, giuded by their instructor, remianed concentrated and competitive in the two championship rounds, concluding with two Golds, one silver and one bronze medal.

Anna Puosi, her first outing with her new horse, 'Diva' chosen from the "Carapia Selection"-Gold in Level M (M100/M200) with 65,88% Saturday 27th and 63,00% Sunday 28th.

Charlotte and Escobar won both their classes, taking home the Gold with 68,22%% in the T T youngriders, and 66,75%% in the St George. Chiara and What's Up coming second, just a few points behind with 67,40% in the TT and 66,35% in the St George. Dario taking the Bronze with 65,11% in the TT and 65,00% in the St George.

Trainer Riccardo Carapia, said of his team, "I am particularly proud of the results, well done and huge compliments for how well you rode"