Tuscan Dressage Championship 2007
held at Grifon D'oro equestrian centre.

A warm pleasant weekend at the end of September, the Riotorto Equestrian centre, played host to the championships. A well organised, welcoming atmosphere helped to put "Team Carapia" at ease at the end of the first day.

Riccardos' group of young riders, this outing-we had seven horses and jockeys at the "starting gates" not forgetting the possibility that the Gold medal could be taken home in all categories-where we played the "Grand Slam" in the Senior Open level M (M100, M200) with the "Three musketeers" - Dario, Charlotte and Chiara.

Along with grand sporting spirit, all the guys,guided by their trainer, remained calm, confident and tried thier best in the two championship classes, concluding the competiton with 4 Gold medals, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze.

- Martina Andrea Francini Gold with her own horse Caveta - 70.625% in the Golden Tour Trophy

- Charlie Sue Fani Gold with Pluto Borka - 69.524% in the new riders Championship.

- Annalisa Puosi in her competiton outing with Team Carapia - Gold with her own horse Golden Dream 67.204% in the masters Championship.

- Charlotte Lindstrom Gold with her EscobarII 70.444% after an impeccable round.

- Chiara Biliotti Gold with ther new horse 'What's up' 69.111% giving proof of their strong partnership in thier first show outing together.

- Dario Cacialli Bronze with Rainbow98 68.444% a short distance from his team mates.

And last but not least a huge congratulations to Dagmar Richter, who after the sad loss of her Warlock only a few weeks ago, through colic, accepted the ride on Dentano, a horse she had only ridden a few times before the championship.

The pair were placed sixth 61.444%-Well done.

"Thank you to all my Team for all the hard work they put in and remaining united as a team". Riccardo Carapia