2010 Seasons debut competition outing-Viterbo(Roma)- at Equestrian
Centre Blumen Stall- 6/7 February

Team Carapia were out for the seasons first show last weekend at Viterbo, Rome. (Taking place at Equestrian centre Blumenstall) The Carapia students Dario Cacialli, Chiara Biliotti and Charlotte Lindsten debutted this promising season with excellent results.


Italian Technical and Freestyle Dressage Championship
8th - 11th October 2009

Held at the International Equestrian centre of the the horse, Druento.

It was here that the title for National Championship was given.


26th-27th September "Tuscan Dressage championships"

A pleasant weekend at the end of September the championships were held at "Golden Griffon Equestrian Centre", a warm reception left team Carapia relaxed from the moment of arrival.


We are happy to let you know that Charlotte Lindsten is now the proud owner of 'Dandelion'

We are happy to let you know that Charlotte Lindsten is now the proud owner of 'Dandelion', her new horse which she bought in August of this year, chosen by Riccardo from the "Carapia Collection"


4th to 9th August 2009 European Junior and Young rider Dressage championships, Ermelo, Holland

The end of the team competition in Ermelo, Holland, left the Italian Junior Squad in 5th place.

The two young lady riders of Team Carapia gave their best throughout the show, it was a demanding confrontation, with over 60 other competitors from 16 different european nations.


8th to 12th July 2009 - CDI J YR at Vierzon, France

A well ridden test gave the score of 65,088% in the individual junior test for Chiara Biliotti and 'What's Up' .

Leaving them in ninth place in the after the Saturday, and allowing her to compete in the Free Style Junior on the Sunday, in which the horse and rider, with a score of 65,050%, were awarded the eleventh place. An excellent result.


CDN at ASD Kappa, Fiumicino, Rome -16th-17th May 2009

Again, Team Carapia received fantastic results at the competition, which took place at Equestrian Centre Kappa.

With seven team members competing, from the start the results were more thatn satisfactory.

16 placings, with 5 of those being first place!


CDIJ/Y/P 1st - 3rd May, La Mandria, Turin

The scales balanced nicely for Team Carapia, at the international show in Turin last weekend.


4th - 5Th April Olgiata -CDN B Team Italia Dressage tour

The second national show of the season. Team Carapia this time represented by only Annalisa Puosi with her horse 'Diva 266'

With the weather being a little uncertain and inconsistent, it really characterised this weekend, between a short burst of sunshine and a storm, it was difficult to concentrate, however the horse and rider managed still obtained a good result.


2009 Seasons debut competition outing- ROME- at Equestrian Centre
Equiconfor- 7/8th March

Team Carapia were out for the seasons first show last weekend at Cerveteri, Rome. (Taking place at Equestrian centre Equiconfor) The Carapia students Dario Cacialli, Annalisa Puosi, Chiara Biliotti and Charlotte Lindsten debutted this promising season with excellent results.


Italian Freestyle dressage championships 2008 and CDI-juniors/young
riders 23-26 October at "La Mandria", Druento, Turin

The international program for last weekend at La Mandria, saw the CDI, riservd for Pony Junior and young riders. Competition was three rounds in each category-individual, team and freestyle.


27/28 Settembre 2008 "Tuscan Dressage Championship"
At Golden Griffen Equestrian Centre- Riotorto

A fresh, but pleasant weekend at the end of September hosted the Tuscan Championship, for the second year consecutively held at the Golden Griffen Equestrian Centre. Knowing the centre left "Team Carapia" realxed and ready for the competition at the end of the first day.


28th and 29th June National Dressage at Riotorto, Livorno

A hot weekend at the end of June found us at a national dressage show, held at Golden Griffin Equestrian centre, in an inviting environment, which put our two riders immediately at ease.


CDIJ/Y/P 12th -15th June Itlaian Technical Championships
"Great Tuscany"

The Team Carapia outing concluded particularly positively.

The championships were held at Equestrian centre The Mandria Of Druento (Turin)
Here's how the National Junior title went; Tuscan Double for Team Carapia Chiara Biliotti climbed up three times consecutively, on the steps of the podium CDI winning, with her "Whats Up" claiming her gold medal with 2633 points (65.200% in T.T Junior and 66.200% in the individual)


CDI-J-YR at Samur, France 24th-27th April.

Eighteen categories over four days of competition, really took a toll on the facilites of Samur, the excellent hosts for this show of CDI-Yr-J-P

The entries were high as was the standard of the young stars in the ring.


Grand Debut" of Team Carapia at Stadl Paura 19th to 24th March 2008

Again a great success for the members of Team Carapiain the CDI at Stadl Paura (Austria)


The Weekend after 24th to 25th November the CDN B Italian Cup final

Took place at Equestrian centre Pinetina.

Our last competition of the year!


16th-18th November Young riders Dressage Trophy and GID Finals

The 2007 championships took place at Sqirrel Equestrian Centre, Pontedera.
For the Tuscan team Charlie Sue Fani competed and with Pluto Borka, won the Bronze medal in the Emerging Young riders Championship.


Tuscan Dressage Championship 2007
held at Grifon D'oro equestrian centre.

A warm pleasant weekend at the end of September, the Riotorto Equestrian centre, played host to the championships. A well organised, welcoming atmosphere helped to put "Team Carapia" at ease at the end of the first day.

Riccardos' group of young riders, this outing-we had seven horses and jockeys at the "starting gates" not forgetting the possibility that the Gold medal could be taken home in all categories-where we played the "Grand Slam" in the Senior Open level M (M100, M200) with the "Three musketeers" - Dario, Charlotte and Chiara.


For the first time in dressage history-THIRD place for the Italian Junior team at the European Championships 10-15 July 2007.

Truly a result for the history books.

One which I can confirm that at the end of the competition Massimo Petaccia, Head Chef D'equipe for the Italian squad, was visibly touched after we beat other national competitors like Denmark and Austria, who until today had always finished with the best results.


25th-28th May European Youngster Classic- BONN

Great experience in the showring for the two young riders Chiara Biliotti and Charlotte Lindstrom, both on their first international trip.

The 'only' negative part was that Escobar was unable to compete, after an unfortunate incident during the journey.


Rome-May 5th and 6th.

CDN at "Kappa Equestrian Centre".

Once again with Team Carapia, making up the team this time were Charlotte Lindstrom, Chiara Biliotti, Dario Caciali, and Dagmar Richter, all ready for the prestigious competition held at Kappa equestrian centre, fiumicino, Rome.

Firstly, I would like to thank the owner of the house at the centre for their warm hospitality they showed us.


Campalto 30th/ 31st April

The second competiton of the season also went great, it was held at Campalto, Pisa.

We arrived friday afternoon, along with the rain.

By saturday morning the sun had warmed Team Carapia, this time enriched by the prescence of new member Dagmar Richter, originally from germany, and although living in Italy for some time, only re-entered into the competition scene this year after a break of ten years.


First outing of the Season 2007 At Kappa Equestrian Centre
3rd and 4th of March

During the last weekend the new competition season started for Team Carapia
at Fiumicino, Rome.

It was well organised and the weather contributed to the serene atmosphere,
which also may have contributed to the results!


"The Transfer to Martin Schaudt Stables"
(week of 21st to 28th January)

A week of training for Riccardo and his student Dario Cacialli and his horse Rainbow98.

Both Dario and his horse straight away found themselves at ease,
despite the climatic change. In fact leaving Florence on the Sunday, the temperatures were almost spring-like, arriving in Germany on the same evening, a slight difference down to -10!!


2 - 3 December 2006, Centro Ippico Veneto (Mogliano Veneto)

There was a last, unexpected, medal for the Carapia Team, to round of the 2006 season!

The Juvenile Dressage Championships were held at the Centro Ippico
Veneto, in Mogliano Veneto, over the first weekend of December.


25 - 26 November, Travagliato National competition

There were excellent results for the Carapia Team at the last
National Competition of the 2006 season, which was held at Travagliato's " Palasport".


13 - 15 October, Le Siepi (Cervia) 2006 Italian Dressage Freestyle Championships

The 2006 Italian Dressage Freestyle Championships took place at Cervia's "Le Siepi" Equestrian Centre last weekend.


23/24 September national competition of Mondovì

The Carapia Team was represented by only one rider, Charlote Lindstèn with pluto Borka, at the first competition after the summer holidays.


Welcome Sunny!!!!

After the addition of Konig der Elfen, the Carapia Team has acquired yet another jewel; Sunny.

Sunny is a four year old Oldenburg stallion by Sandro Hit out of Raphael.

18th August, Konigsbrunn Foal Auction

On the evening of August 18th, Riccardo took part via telephone in the
Konigsbrunn Foal Auction, winning lot no. 25, "Konig der Elfen". (www.schwabenpferde.de).

22 - 23 July, Viareggio Equestrian Centre
2006 Tuscan Dressage Championships

This year's Tuscan Dressage Championships were held in the seaside setting
of Viareggio, over a clammy weekend at the end of July.

Riccardo's Team didn't let the chance to score a "double" in the
Senior, level M (M100, M200), category slip away - even though Alessia
Bettazzi had an unfortunate accident.

8 - 9 July, Fronhofen

An excellent performance from Riccardo and Escobar, especially in the
M8 class where they took a well deserved 6th place.

2 - 9 July, Germany Training session with Martin Schaudt

Summer has arrived!
Bringing clammy heat and mediterranean temperatures to the Black Forest.

16 - 18 June, "Il Pegaso" Riding Centre (Barzago)
Italian Dressage Championships

Once again the Carapia Team shows its worth with an excellent performance at
the Italian Dressage Championships, held at "Il Pegaso" Riding Centre.

Dario Cacialli with Rainbow98 stole the show, scoring an excellent 66,467% in the first day's M100 class, rising to the top of the rankings.

27 - 28 May, Fabriano National competition

Important results at Fabriano's National Competition!
It should be noted that this show is one of the most welcoming on the circuit - be it for the ambience of the riding centre, set in roling green hills - be it for the armth and kindness showed by the hosts.

29 - 30 April, La Querce (Montemurlo, Prato)

An impressive performance at the Querce Equestrian Centre of Montemurlo,
Once again the Carapia Team made everybody sit up and take note.
Dario Cacialli and Rainbow 98 took the M100 with a percentage of 65,444%
Alessia Bettazzi with Weinstern gained third place in the M200 scoring
63,556%, Dario Cacialli was fourth in the same class with 61,667%
Charlotte Lindstén didn't compete at this show due to non equestrian
commitments. In her place was Ambra Crociani, a young rider trained by Renzo
Amber generally participates in show jumping events but, needing to gain
some dressage placings in order to obtain her First Grade, decided to
confide in Riccardo's expertise.
The results were extremely positive with a fifth place in the E200 class and
a score of 60,00% followed by 61,852% scored in the E200.
These results were paricularly admirable given that Amber was riding in her
first dressage competition ever with her showjumper ACE OF HEARTS SLB.

9 - 17 April, Training session in Germany (with Martin Schaudt)

Cold weather and snow made it seem more like Christmas than Easter.
Escobar was in fine form.
Gloria Colombo and her two horses, Le Havre and Goldeneye also enjoyed and
benefitted from working with Martin.

25 - 26 March, Pinetina (Limido Comasco)

Super results once again at the National Dressage Competition held at the
Pinetina Equestrian Centre of Limido Comasco.
Although greeted by rain on Friday, the sun as out to warm the Carapia Team
up by Saturday morning.
Charlotte Lindstén made her mark in the F100, winning with a score of
Dario Cacialli secured a third place in the M100 with 65,105% and Alessia
Bettazzi was second in the "National Test."
Sunday 26th saw Charlotte Lindstén second in the F105 class, scoring 69,140%
and Dario claiming second in the M200 with a convincing 67,87%.

25 - 26 February, Horsebridge Club (Torino)

An excellent start to the 2006 season for the Carapia Team.
Charlotte Lindstén and Dario Cacialli both obtained exceptional results at
this International Dressage Competition. Charlotte scored a first and second
place in categories F100 and F105 respectively and Dario collected a third
and second place in categories M100 and M200.