Dario Cacialli

Dario lives and works in Florence, although he is planning to move to
Germany for training purposes.

I have been working with Dario for nine years now. Before committing
himself solely to dressage, Dario was also a showjumper, but his ability to focus on flatwork has meant that this discipline has seen him reap greater rewards.

1998 - Bronze medallist, Overall Tuscan Dressage Championship
1999 - Gold medallist, CID Free Style Circuit level "E"
1999 - Silver medallist, CID Free Style Circuit level "F"
1999 - Gold medallist, Italian Newcomer's Trophy
2004 - Silver medallist, Italian Dressage Championships
2005 - Gold medallist, Italian Dressage Championships

Furthermore, Dario has also secured many wins and placings in
national competitions with his horse, Rainbow 98, scoring important percentages in the process.

He scored 80% in the UNIRE "F" class and 81% in the UNIRE "M" class,
thus qualifying for the World Championships for Young Horses in 2004 and 2005.