arabian horse


The arabian horse is a quite interesting horse for dressage. In particular, arabian halter, black, egyptian and polish ones are arabian horses most popular among clubs of all the world (and also within the network of our sport club). Video about jumping carried out in the dressage farms and ranch are quite important to undertand the features of an arabian horse stallion. Dressage art is then made of costumes, jewelry, gifts and fabolous names given to many stallions (as you can realise in the society arabian horse registry of america where you can get deas for the name of your arabian horse...) but a costume is not the most precious information about an arabian horse tack while important facts and datasource can be retrieved studying the video and the photo of horse before deciding to know it in real life.


Equine dressage lessons are carried out within a dressage arena farm with barns and livery taking inspiration from the most trend magazine.


Thanks to the involvment of a local association, the school offers horseriding boarding, trail riding, western riding, and camp riding lessons.

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